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Imagine ... 

Can you imagine your own personal health and wellness as the focus of your care? What about if you could ensure that clinicians and health coaches understand you and ensure you are getting what you need.


"The program operates as a non-judgmental and supportive program allowing participants to feel open to learn
and discuss the material presented.
- Stuart

It has never been easier to start living a healthier life and get real clinical coaching to help YOU meet YOUR goals. 

No expensive technology. No gimmicks. Just support and results.

It's digital AND human. 


Are you anxious?

Feeling stressed?

Trouble sleeping?

Interested in learning about Mindfulness?

Try our Morning and Evenfall Mindfulness Program (MEM) for FREE

Our VISION is to create “a world where everyone is connected to the care they need.” We believe that providing easy access to health and wellness tools will have a huge impact on how individuals in need can focus on themselves and improve their physical and mental health.

How We Do It

Helping you gain momentum

Take Action is designed to help people implement small changes in their lives. We do this by sending you nudges and connecting you with great coaches and clinicians who help you achieve your goals.

As you use Healthy at Home, you get more nudges to encourage you to achieve your health and wellness goals with real support. Just simple nudges and support to help you build little habits that have the potential to make big changes.

Sandy Beach
Healthy At Home

Whether you are interested in nutrition or activity, improving sleep or reducing stress, substance abuse or mental health, Healthy At Home can guide you to a better lifestyle.

Take a leadership role in your own health and wellness. Book a Demo to learn more.

Our Solutions

We support an individual’s health goals by helping you create a routine approach to make your target and make it increasingly attainable.

The following 2 minute video can give you an idea of how we got started:

Contact us today for more details about the solutions we offer.

During the Pandemic we completed over 20 Million Daily Health Checks and supported thousands of essential workers Test to Stay.

How can we help you?

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