Imagine ... 

Can you imagine a world where everyone got the care they needed? We do, even though adding the COVID-19 pandemic to the mix makes it more difficult to accomplish.


Whether your goal is to promote an overall health-benefit solution, or to deploy an automated symptom screening platform to provide peace of mind and an increased sense of security to your community, IMBA Medical empowers you to succeed.

Yoga at Home

Protect your employees, workplace and your customers by screening essential workers daily for COVID-19 symptoms 

Go LIVE in 24-48 Hours

Our VISION is to create “a world where everyone has access to the care they need.” We believe that providing easy access to health and wellness tools will have a huge impact on how individuals in need can focus on themselves and improve their physical and mental health.

Our goal is to empower organizations and institutions to better engage, activate and communicate with people to improve their well-being and support healthy habits that last a lifetime.

How We Do It

Helping you gain momentum


Take Action is a Cloud-Based platform to help people implement small changes in their lives. 

Healthy at Home delivers increasingly predictive "nudges" to encourage health and wellness for participants and support the coaching and development of little habits that have the potential to make big changes.

Healthy At Home

Whether you are interested in nutrition or activity, improving sleep or reducing stress, substance abuse or mental health, Healthy At Home can guide you, your employees and your clients to a better lifestyle.

Take a leadership role in the health and wellness of those you care about. Book a Demo to learn more.

Our Solutions

Leveraging the “aggregation of marginal gains” theory in our approach enables participants to focus on short-term action to improve long-term results. We support an individual’s health goals by helping them create a routine approach to make their target more attainable over a period of time.

As part of our program, we deliver evidence-based and best practice workflows to people via nudges through persistence, precision, personalization, and prediction.

The following 2 minute video can give you an idea of how we got started:

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