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We help medical practices, insurers,and employers implement healthcare, quality, and wellness improvements at scale, while adjusting to an individual's needs and opportunities with precision, personalization, and prediction.

What We Do

Helping you gain momentum

A cloud-based platform called Take Action that helps healthcare organizations engage departments and patients:

  • Empowers leaders/clinicians to ask better questions

  • Instantly removes barriers to context, transparency, and reporting

  • Engages clinicians and patients in a natural way (to them)

  • Apply best practices sustainability at scale

Our Solutions

Micro-Learning Support

Algorithmically or manually deliver micro-learning - Short video links and/or rich email content to educate users and improve results.

Unlimited Deployment

No limit to the number of Participants

Technology Agnostic

No App or installation of software for either users or administrations. Removes barriers to reporting. 

Actionable "Game"-ification

Positive reinforcement and randomization of rewards for reporting encourages the habit of reporting, positively or otherwise 


Efficiently sustain impact and results at scale

The Value in Diabetes Prevention


Take Action Cloud-Based platform to help stop Pre-Diabetics from developing Diabetes.

We help you deliver increasing predictive "nudges" to encourage health and wellness for participants and support the coaching and development activity of team members.

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3 Ps of Take Action


Give users (patients and team) nudges in a momentum building a manner.


Help you identify opportunities to hone your message.


Over time predict success and failure and progress or regress support as necessary driving long term sustainability. 

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