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About Us

Creating a world where everyone is connected to the care they need.

Did you know that most people don’t seek care until their needs are acute?

Or that the best health outcomes for individuals occur when care is sought out proactively with a view of prevention of chronic disease.

More than 30% of all North Americans are at a preventative state “pre” chronic disease. Only 1 in 9 are aware that there may be anything wrong with them

On top of that: 65% to 85% of patients misunderstand, misapply or out-right ignore care advice given to them by clinicians. Wellness requires behavior change. Behavior change is 4x more effective with coaching. Coaching can be expensive, especially when done in the context of wellness because it takes time.


When we learned more about how and why people don't have access to care (the answer is money) ... we set about trying to solve that problem. 


We are passionate about helping people become healthier and happier. 

Our Story

IMBA Medical was founded in 2015 and, though we’re located in Ottawa, Canada, we've won the trust of clients around the world.

Our platform is called Take Action and it is digital health platform that delivers evidence-based treatment coaching, support and guidance to people. We handle programs for individuals and HUGE groups alike. 

Take Action uses Game Design and Nudge Theory to encourage and education patients implement behavior changes that will make a big difference in their lives.

When COVID-19 took hold, we were able to pivot and launch a COVID-19 module in less than 24 hours and deployed it to 10 clients within days. It grew quickly and we completed more than 20 Million Health Screenings and Vaccine Test-to-Stay confirmations over the pandemic. We were the leading platform for schools, health care centers and small business.

Take Action does not have any app to install and it works on every device immediately.


Meet Our Passionate Leaders


Govindh Jayaraman

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Head Coach and Team Lead

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Nigel Ellis

    Product Lead


    Gary Hewett

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    Senior AWS Microservices Developer and Leader

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    Bita Omidi 

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    Data Scientist

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    Jessica Lynn Kramer

      Finance and Accounts Leader

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      Gyan Gaurav

        Development Leader


        Sven Stilzebach

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        Leader and Coach

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