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For Your Clients / Members

If you are an Organization promoting Health and Wellness for your Clients or Members you know that they all do better when your team is able to provide personalized health coaching support.


The challenge is that one health coach is limited in the number of people they can support in any given time period.


What if they weren't?

We have clinicians who support for health coaching for up to 1000 Clients in just a few hours a week. 


What kind of care do you think you could provide if you were able to have each of your team members coach 10-20 times as many Clients / Members as they do now? What would that do to the sustainability of your Organization and it's impact in your community?


Take Action is a leveraged coaching tool that uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics to help you 10x-20x the impact and ability of your coaches to make a difference.

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